Samsung Note has the last (5-million) laugh

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SAMSUNG has reportedly shipped a massive five million units of its sleek Galaxy Note, the “smart notepad” since its launch in October. If you’ve seen the television advert, you have probably wondered what exactly this oversized gadget is…a phone or a tablet? In fact, its been dubbed as sitting in between the smallest tablet and the biggest Smartphone with its 5-inch screen. It’s a phablet, both a phone and tablet.

During it’s official launch, it wasn’t looked at as a desired gadget, it was called the ugly ducking within the tech world. But Samsung turned the tables soon enough with the help of aggressive marketing, distribution and good product design.

“Compared to what people thought when it was released, Samsung has delivered above expectations,” said Neil Mawston, executive director at market research company Strategy Analytics.

Phablet power?

Is this phablet going to set a trend?

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, said: “These hybrid smartphones are set to explode on the mobile market in a big way.

“More portable than a ­traditional tablet, yet packing all of the calling and texting features of a phone with a far larger 
screen, these versatile phablets look set to stake a claim on the mobile market.

“Holding a phablet up to your ear to make a call may look a bit strange in public, but as soon as you take advantage of the large display by browsing the web, watching a movie or reading an e-book, then the appeal of such a versatile device is easy to see.

“With the success of the Galaxy Note and device makers like LG entering the phablet space with the Optimus Vu later in the year, it’s pretty safe to say that this combination of smartphone and tablet is here to stay.”

According to, “We can’t say for with any kind of certainty, it appears that T-Mobile may be the recipient of Samsung’s Galaxy Note. According to some transmissions and office memos from vendors, it seems likely that this will happen.”

The Note suggests Samsung, which last year became the world’s top smartphone maker, may have found a way to eat into the tablet market, where it remains a distant second to Apple’s iPad.

“Samsung has successfully cracked open the 5-inch device market, where Dell failed miserably a couple of years ago,” said Lee Kakeun, an analyst at Hana Daetoo Securities in Seoul. “It’s now expanding into the bigger-sized tablet market, where its stylus could differentiate it among non-iPad tablets and help it expand market share in the tablet market, too.”

So you can stop sniggering at the device now…

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